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Our Mission - Catholic Daughters of the Americas strives to embrace the principle of faith working through love in the promotion of justice, equality and the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all.

Our Motto - Unity and Charity

Our Two-fold Purpose - Spirituality and Service

The integration of Spirituality and Service is the foundation of the Catholic Daughters. CDA helps women develop their spirituality and provides avenues of service to out that spirituality. The CDA gives members a unique opportunity to share their faith with other Catholic women. Helping others through charitable acts in the spirit of Jesus Christ is the heart of our organization.

Court Ministries embrace the Circle of Love. Each member decides what she is called to do to serve others. There is something for everyone. Our purpose is to share the gifts and talents we have been blessed with by Our Loving God. Sharing God's gifts enriches the lives we touch and grows our relationship with Christ. Open the page titled, "Court Ministries" to learn more about our ministries. Are you called to be a Catholic Daughter? Pray, discern and scroll to see Membership/Leadership contact information.

Circle of Love/Charitable Giving

The Circle of Love is the National Format of Catholic Daughters of the Americas. The Circle has 7 spokes. LIFE, LEGISLATION, SPIRITUALITY, YOUTH, EDUCATION, LEADERSHIP, FAMILY. Each member, each court is asked to see where she/it fits into the Circle and how to best serve within it.

Our Charitable Donations are/should be geared toward embracing the Circle of Love wherever possible. SMILE TRAIN – LIFE AND YOUTH– we pay for operations for babies born with a cleft palate. It is $250 per operation.

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL – “LIFE AND FAMILY We have a SVDP Conference in our parish. Families in need are given money to pay utilities that are in danger of being shut off. This is the biggest need of requests received. We might be helping to keep one family’s utilities on for a month.

PHOENIX ACADEMY FOR HOMELESS CHILDREN LIFE, FAMILY, YOUTH Our donation helps buy meals for homeless children. On Fridays, each homeless family is given a bagged meal to get them through the weekend. It doesn’t make any difference how many students are in the family: it is one bag per family.

CHRIST CHILD SOCIETY – LIFE New, single, dependent moms are given baby clothes, supplies and equipment needed to properly care for their baby. Another and equally important project of CCS is called Educational Enrichment. In this program, we provide books and supplies for projects related to those books. Members go to schools and guide children in ways to help them read better and improve their comprehension. This is done primarily in low income Catholic schools with large Hispanic enrollments. Our programs are designed with the idea that (in the words of Mary Virginia Merrick, our founder). "Nothing is ever too much to do for a child."

Fundraising - When we hold a fundraiser, it is most likely not going to be held on Church property because of the space limitations. There are over 70 ministries in our parish and all are vying for space. When we ask for an outside space to hold a fundraiser, the facility wants to know why (because we are not paying to use it). We have to name charities that will benefit from our cause. When we ask a restaurant for a $50 gift card, they want to know where the money we raise from our raffle is going. We have to name the same charities.

Charities - Many mainstream charities, send letters, coins, address labels, rosaries, prayer cards, greeting cards, sun catchers, etc. and a letter asking for donations which explains why they need the money. Our new court regent did send letters of request for gift cards to many restaurants and received over $500 in gift cards. She explained who, what, when, where, why and how in the process. She had to name the charities who will benefit from their donation. Otherwise, no donation.

5 National Projects – Recommended Donation $100 per court - Habitat for Humanity (75 homes built), Holy Cross Family Ministries, (Spreading the Faith, especially the Family Rosary), Laboure Society, (Vocations) SOAR (Support our Aging Religious) and SMILE TRAIN (cleft palate operations)

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General Meeting Location and Time

St. Clare of Assisi Parish Hall - 17111 W. Bell Road - Surprise, AZ 85374

Time - 11:00 am – 12:30 pm - Meeting and Rosary for our country

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